Investing in Education Starts Here.

By providing funding for charter schools, we’re empowering you. We give you access to the working capital and facilities financing options you need to stay focused on education, so every student has the opportunity to become someone incredible.

Operating a charter school is like operating a business. There are expenses, payroll, facilities, and cash flow issues to manage. Most importantly – you must educate your students. Charter School Capital works exclusively with charter schools, providing working capital funds for daily operations because we believe in education and its power to create innovators, engaged citizens and future leaders.

We help charter schools grow and expand their educational opportunities. And, we help solve charter schools’ cash flow needs where state budget shortfalls and delays threaten the delivery of quality education.

Our team works with you to determine funding levels based on your school’s needs. Funding levels are linked directly to the money due to your school from the state based on your student attendance. And we manage the administrative details. So you focus on educating your students.

Here’s a look at a few more things we can do to accelerate your charter school funding:

  • We can accelerate attendance-based charter school funding so you can count on cash flows and use them to operate and grow.
  • Charter School Capital has the technical expertise and know-how to keep up with the budget demands of your school.
  • We help schools finance growth whether facilities expansion, technology upgrades, new programs, transportation needs, or equipment.


Working Capital

Charter School Capital can provide your charter school funding to manage your cash flow and expand facilities. Apply for funding now.

Facilities Financing

Charter School Capital helps charter schools grow by providing accessible charter school facilities financing necessary for growth. Visit our website or call us at 877-272-1001.

Resource Development

Through our Resource Development, Charter School Capital charter schools find grants and entitlements. See how we can help your school.

States We Support

Charter schools face challenges nationwide. Call us about working and growth capital and facilities financing. 877-272-1001

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